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What You Will Learn From The FREE "10 Secrets to Learning Piano Faster Ecourse"

1How To Practice Properly and Advance Quickly

2How Reading Music CAN Help Your Playing

3Is Singing Really Important to Your Piano Playing? You Bet!

4Some motivation...Of Course!

And Much, Much More!

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Dear Friend,

I remember when my early piano lessons were a bit like a self defense class. The main challenge was not to get struck on the knuckles by the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex teacher. Actually, my early piano teachers weren’t quite that vicious, and old school training certainly had its pluses and minuses. However, today’s students have more options. The Internet has brought a world of wonderful online piano lesson resources right to your home computer.

  • Piano can be learned effectively online.

All materials on this website can be used to teach yourself piano independently. However, these materials can also be used in conjunction with piano lessons that you may currently be taking. In my student years, I used to learn piano, music theory and improvising skills from my teachers and from purchased music books. These music books not only broadened my horizons, but helped me accelerate my piano playing and composing skills at a far greater rate than I would have advanced with standard weekly lessons.

  • Learning an instrument should be a rewarding, educational and humorous experience.

free online piano lessonsLearning to laugh at yourself takes a whole lot of pressure off. Laughing before frustration creeps in makes you quickly realize the importance of patience. Patience gives you perspective and perseverance in the long term. The bottom line is that if you can’t laugh, you open the doorway to burnout, frustration and, yes, a possible ulcer.

  • A strong foundation is a must for beginner piano students.

Music, like math, must be built from the bottom up. Our philosophy is that all questions in the beginning stages of piano lessons should be addressed thoroughly. There is nothing more frustrating than having basic questions shoved aside. This leaves gaps in one’s musical journey which will eventually have to be dealt with.

  • A beginner can perform a decent-sounding piano piece from memory in just a few days.

Although most people play a musical instrument for their own enjoyment and relaxation, we believe that you should be able to show something off to a family member or friend. Music, like joy, should be shared. A good performance will increase your confidence and your ego will thank you.  

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